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Some Rules to Remember:

  • Please no riding on the grass during the wet spring weeks/months. We try to protect our fields for great riding during the summer months. Please help us by not riding/lunging in the grassy areas when it is wet/soft.

  • No lunging in the dressage arena. Please use the round pen or jump arena for lunging. 

  • Please do not help yourself to hay, grain or bedding. If you need something or you think your horse needs more of something,please contact a manager. We are happy to help you. 

It's Show Season!

The first show at Thomet Stables is June 16! Mark your  calendars and come and have some fun with us at our Hunter Jumper Schooling Show. Classes for everybody from ground poles to 2'9. This is a great place to bring your young horse for schooling or a beginner rider to experience a horse show in a fun and positive environment. Also a great show to fine tune the  more experienced riders and horses for the 2018 show season.

Horses In or Out? That is the Question.

   It's spring! And in Michigan that means rain...and mud... sunshine...sleet...snow...

thunderstorms...and who knows what else.

   We are often asked how we determine if the horses will be turned out or not. Here are some guidelines we follow: 

   Typically, if it is raining but above 60 degrees, the horses will be turned out. When it is under 60 degrees with a steady rain, we feel it is too chilly for turn out. Especially since most are without blankets and have lost their winter coat.

   The two things that can make a horse cold are wind and rain. They can withstand very cold temperatures, which is why they are outside most days in the winter unless the wind is strong and below zero. But when they are wet, they can lose their ability to regulate their body temperatures. Especially if it is wet and windy. 

   The other reason they will stay in is when strong thunderstorms are predicted. We check the radar often to gauge the risk of severe weather. For the safety of our staff and our horses, we prefer them to not be out when the forecast is for severe storms. If there is a chance of a passing storm but no severe weather is predicted, chances are they will be outside. 

   We believe horses are happiest and healthiest when able to be outside running, grazing, and socializing. This is  why we opt for turning them out whenever possible. If they have been inside due to weather, we encourage owners to come out and offer their horse some exercise for their horse's health and well being. 

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